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Ace here,

Don’t be fooled by the date, my lovelies. This thing is legit. Which in a way probably makes it the cruelest prank ever.

However, it’s a very short game, so it’s distinctly possible that I could choke it down over break when I have nothing else to do. Provided I run out of clever and inventive new ways to play the same portions of Luigi’s Mansion over and over.

Ace out.


And Timber’s turn. I own a copy of Tempest, and somewhere around here is the flash cart I used to play Absolute Zero’s Innocence translation, so even if I wasn’t helping to run this blog, I probably would’ve been all over their Tempest patch as soon as I could get it set up anyway.

So yeah, we’ll try to get them over to the penthouse somehow, sooner or later.


Late edit from Gome. I might see about giving Tempest a whirl eventually, although it’s not that high on my priority list as of yet.

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t have other plans up my sleeve. You’ll just have to wait and see what those are though~

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